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The thought of shooting in a studio can be overwhelming and intimidating. But, I’m going to walk you through the fundamentals and break them down into digestible nuggets that will leave you saying, “OMG! I can do that!”

I’ll teach you about lighting styles and light modifiers, then show you how to use them to create high-end images on a low-end budget in a space the size of an apartment bedroom. 

You will become a more confident photographer who will master both 1 and 2 light setups like a boss while molding the light to the vision in your head.  When you add studio skills to your natural light sessions, you’ll unleash your creative potential and wow your clients with an experience they'll never forget. I’ll teach you the rules and then encourage you to break them.  This is studio lighting, no holds barred.

***Familiarity with studio lighting equipment is not necessary to attend. But, a full understanding of how to use your DSLR is a requirement to understand this workshop. We will not spend time going over beginning DSLR operation.***


​+ Fundamentals of studio lighting 

​+ Lighting styles – how to identify and create them 

​+ How to use strobes and speedlights 

​+ White balancing in studio 

​+ Different light modifiers and why/how to use them 

​+ How to pose and shoot in a small space 

​+ Why and how to utilize 1 and 2+ light set ups 

​+ How to create inspiration boards for use at your shoots 

​+ Hands-on experience in a portfolio building shoot day 

​+ What equipment you need to get started 

​+ How to shoot on a budget 

​+ Tips on how to edit and retouch studio images


  • Two full workshop days (day one in classroom and day two photographing models in a hands-on portfolio building shoot) 


  • 110+ page printed Enlighten Workshop workbook that outlines and explains in-depth all of the material we cover in the classroom plus additional lighting info 


  • Portable lighting styles guide 


  • Tons of tutorial videos covering set-up, light metering, and more


  • Equipment pricing guide to help you build and budget your studio setup and equipment 


  • Membership to the exclusive Enlighten Workshop Alumni Facebook group where you can ask questions, get critiques, and troubleshoot 


  • A helluva good time!


How many times have you thrown money at an online tutorial that you had every intention of watching and never did? My guess is more times than you’d like to admit, and I’ve been there, too. Well,I’m here to change that. You want to learn studio lighting? Well, that’s EXACTLY what you’re going to do. 


Unlike most tutorials and workshops, Enlighten is an in-person, hands-on workshop that pulls you out of your comfort zone and puts you in the driver’s seat. You’ll learn and understand the fundamentals of lighting so you can use studio lights to create images that blend seamlessly with your own brand and photographic style. 


Enlighten has been designed to break lighting down into simple concepts, actionable steps, and hands-on repetition so you can apply these skills to your shoots right away. Here’s how we're going to do it: 


  • Two FULL days of in-person instruction, including a full day of portfolio shooting in studio 

  • Small class size (limit 10 photographers per workshop) to maximize learning

  • Hands-on learning environment where you get to set-up, use, and tear-down equipment 

  • Work with a variety of equipment and light modifiers 

  • Tons of take-home materials that outline everything you learn over the two-days so you can review it all when you’re back on your own turf 

  • No judgment zone – we’re going to work until you understand it and answer ALL the questions. 

  • On-going education and support through the Enlighten Workshop Alumni Group 




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