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Are you bored with photography and need a spark to get that fire lit again? Do you feel lost, like you're missing that little "umph" to push your images to the next level? Well, get ready to step up your studio game!


Photographers Jen Bertrand and Nicollette Mollet have teamed up to bring you Enlighten 2.0, a studio photography and retouching workshop designed to help you evolve your imagery. Whether you've recently started working with studio lighting or you're a seasoned pro who wants to continue learning, we're helping you breathe life into your images!  


During this 2-day, in-person workshop, Nicollette and Jen will let you in on their thought processes when it comes to shooting in studio, including their steps for preparing their clients for shoots, go-to lighting set-ups, posing flows, styling tricks, and even in-depth retouching processes that help them achieve their signature looks.  


***Familiarity with studio lighting equipment is highly recommended (for an introductory lighting course, please check out the Enlighten 1.0 Workshop), and a full understanding and knowledge of your DSLR is a requirement for this workshop. We will not spend time going over the fundamentals of natural light photography or beginning DSLR operation.***


Hey! I’m Jen, a photographer who specializes in editorial imagery. I'm also the creator and instructor for Enlighten where I teach photographers how to transform into a studio lighting badasses so they can stop faking it and start making magazine-worthy images.

On a personal note, I’m the mother to a headstrong, independent, hilarious little girl who looks JUST like her father, a darling infant who’s my carbon copy, and wife to said father, who happens to be my best friend and one of the most charming individuals you’ll ever meet. I listen to music the way people binge watch TV, so a killer soundtrack for the shoot is always in order, which typically leads to bad dancing and even worse singing, which then leads to tons of laughter and a really good time. And that, my friends, is the whole point.



My name is Nicollette Mollet, I graduated from The Art Institute of Dallas back in 2013 with a BFA in Photography and I currently reside in a spacious loft deep in the heart of Dallas, TX where I work and play. 


With a long-time obsession for fashion and beauty, I was inspired to experiment with photography in middle school by the hit tv show America's Next Top Model. I loved the challenge of taking the average person and transforming them into the best version of themselves through my camera.  


Aside from my pursuit of fashion photography, I quickly grew to love the joy and gratitude I was receiving from high school seniors and parents. My ability to make any ordinary person feel like they, too, can look like the models in the fashion industry, gave me immense passion to continue growing my senior portrait business separate from my fashion/commercial work (main commercial clients currently being Mint Dentistry, Nha Khanh, etc.). 


A cumulative 9-10 years of experience in photo retouching and photography has taught me the importance of highlighting natural beauty and capturing the true essence of my subjects. 



​+ Jen and Nicollette's go-to lighting styles 

​+ How to choose lighting styles and modifiers based on your personal photographic style 

​+ White balancing and color grading in Photoshop and CaptureOne 

​+ Lighting set-ups for a high-end, fashion magazine feel 

​+ How to create and incorporate inspiration boards in your client consults and shoots 

​+ Hands-on experience in a portfolio building shoot day 

​+ How to get un-stuck when posing your clients in studio 

​+ Quick tips for styling your clients 

​+ How to get your client relaxed and comfortable on set 

​+ Cut-throat culling in PhotoMechanic and Adobe Bridge 

​+ High-end retouching for studio images in Photoshop 

​+ Color grading images  

​+ How to achieve a truly seamless backdrop 

​+ And more!


  • Two full workshop days (day one in studio with demos and a portfolio shoot, and day two learning hands-on retouching alongside Nicollette and Jen) 

  • In-person photo critique 

  • Enlighten 2.0 Workshop workbook that outlines and explains in depth all of the material we cover in the classroom plus additional lighting info 

  • Tons of take-home materials, including tutorial videos covering culling, retouching, etc. 

  • Equipment pricing guide to help you build and budget your studio setup and equipment 

  • Membership to the exclusive Enlighten Workshop 2.0 Alumni Facebook group where you can ask questions, get critiques, and troubleshoot 

  • Lunch, dinner, and snacks on both days


There comes a point in your creative journey when you've mastered your basic studio shooting style and you're ready to push past what you're comfortable doing and propel your craft forward. LET'S LEVEL UP!!! 


I've teamed up with fellow Dallas fashion photographer, Nicollette Mollet, to bring you Enlighten 2.0 - an advanced studio lighting and retouching workshop where we'll teach you how to level up your studio photography game! Unlike online tutorials that sit on your hard drive, we're pulling you into the studio for 2 full days of hands-on instruction that gives you no choice but to learn! 


We recognize that lighting is only one of the important ingredients in the recipe of creating your own unique photographic style. We also know that a truly signature style and polished image can't be achieved without the post-production process, too. That's why we're taking you from beginning to end and letting you in on our creative processes from prep to post-production.


We'll start with how we use client consult tools to develop a styling and lighting plan and won't stop until we go behind the screen for intense retouching instruction that puts icing on the photographic cake. 

Here’s what you can expect: 


  • Two FULL days of in-person instruction from Jen and Nicollette, including a day of demos and portfolio shooting in studio with models 

  • Small class size (limit 10 photographers per workshop) 

  • Hands-on learning environment where you get to set-up, use, and tear-down equipment 

  • Work with a variety of equipment and light modifiers to pinpoint your lighting styles 

  • Pre-production shoot planning techniques 

  • Posing and styling tips 

  • Tips and tricks for cut-throat culling 

  • Step-by-step, guided high-end retouching instruction where you will edit alongside Jen and Nicollette 

  • In-person photo critique 

  • Tons of take-home materials that outline everything you learn over the two-days so you can review it all when you’re back on your own turf 

  • No judgment zone – we’re going to work until you understand it and answer ALL the questions. 

  • On-going education and support through the Enlighten 2.0 Workshop Alumni Group 




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